Metronomia news

25.10.2010 08:35

Clinical Trials in Oncology

Metronomia sponsors the ViB Conference "Clinical Trials in Oncology" 2010 in Munich

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12.09.2010 15:00

20 years of Metronomia

Metronomia was founded on September 12, 1990 and celebrates its 20st anniversary today .

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09.09.2010 10:53

Contracts signed for EDC studies in oncology

Metronomia today announced the contract signing for two EDC trials in oncology with a leading German biotech company.

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28.07.2010 14:53

Multinational, non-intervenational, ten-year EDC study awarded

Metronomia today announced the contract signing for a multinational, non-intervenational study, ten-year, 300-site, 1,500 patient EDC study with a global pharmaceutical company.

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30.06.2010 15:20

Metronomia selected as preferred provider

Metronomia today announced the signing of a Master Services Agreement with one of the major global biotech companies.

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24.02.2010 13:27

German ePharma Day 2010

Metronomia is sponsoring the German ePharma Day in Munich, 22 April 2010

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