METRONOMIA expands its business development team

We are pleased to announce that Stephan Wildner has joined METRONOMIA as our new Head of Business Development. He will play a key role in defining METRONOMIA’s overall business development strategy and lead our business development team. Stephan has also joined the firm’s leadership team.

Following his PhD in Biology/Virology and a few of years in academic research, Stephan entered the Clinical Development Industry. He now has twelve years of experience in Business Development and has worked for international Central Labs and CROs, always with a focus on data management and statistics services.

"We are excited that Stephan has joined METRONOMIA. As a seasoned business development leader, he is well-placed to support our drive to become a leading data science CRO in Europe,” explains Rudolf Köhne-Volland, co-founder and managing director of METRONOMIA.

The roles and responsibilities of the existing business development team at METRONOMIA, incl. those of Marcel Polak, Director Business Development, remain unchanged.

For over 30 years, METRONOMIA has stood for continuity and progress, as well as financial independence. Since its founding, METRONOMIA has seen tremendous success and is now a dynamic medium-sized company with a team of around 120.

We wish the expanded business development team best of luck and great success!