Global 24/7 helpdesk services

From today Metronomia is able to provide global 24/7 helpdesk services in eCRF studies in collaboration with eclinso AG, Basel, Switzerland (www.eclinos.com).

eclinso is providing global helpdesk services for various pharma customers for many years. With offices in Europe, the USA and Australia and the appropriate infrastructure in place, eclinso is able to provide heldpesk services 7 days a week and 24h a day in various languages (e.g. English, French, Spanish, German).

eclinso has completed Metronomia's qualification and training package on the clincase EDC system in February 2012 and has taken over global helpdesk services for two multi-regional phase II oncology studies with an eCRF.

"This 24/7 support option was the last component we had to add to our e-clinical services package in order to be fully operational on a global basis" said Dieter Meyer, Managing Director and Head of e-Clinical Services. "During the last three months we have made signifcant investments into our eCRF online and self training offerings as well as into extending our support coverage. In conclusion, we are now able to provide e-clinical services on a globla scale - at high quality with a competitive pricing." 

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