Covid-19 trials

METRONOMIA - your partner for COVID-19 and other trials during and after the pandemic!

Our recent experiences and successes during the COVID-19 pandemic prove that we are your partners for rapid & high quality support of COVID-19 and other trials.

While carefully managing new and ongoing trials, METRONOMIA started work on a COVID-19 trial in March 2020, completing the build of essential data management platforms/interfaces and enabling randomization of patients within less than 2 weeks of award.

What is the secret to METRONOMIA’s success? We know and execute what is needed most now, made possible only by exceptionally committed and high-performing teams that go beyond expectations and industry standards for the feasibility of critically important projects within the shortest timeframes.

How we can support your COVID-19 project in turbulent times:

Biostatistical consulting excellence

  • Time to event data with Competing Risks, e.g. Death or Triage as Competing Event
  • Multistate Modeling, e.g. on / off of ventilation needs
  • Established and proven pathways for ultrashort turnaround times for regulatory authority, ethical-/scientific committee, other vendor/CRO interactions, etc.
  • Our contribution to the fight against COVID-19: Fees from biostatistical consulting for COVID-19 related trials will be donated to the Corona Research Fund of the University Hospital in Essen (spenden-fü (from April to December 2020).

Rapid provision of Biostatistics & Data Management essential trial deliverables

  • In-house expertise enabling rapid development of robust statistical sections of study protocol
  • Agile eCRF setup and validation enabling launch within days rather than weeks/months
  • Parallel development of Randomization and IRT for immediate functionality after eCRF launch

For the period after Covid-19, robust backend services

  • Biostatistical programming and outputs for short-term reporting and data read-out
  • Medical writing proficiency for your reporting, publishing and other scientific needs
  • Data integration, summaries for filing readiness
  • Remote trial monitoring and decentralized trial approaches

Biostatistical services / statistical programming

Clinical data management

Medical Writing

Speed – why is it critical?
  • Because the landscape is extremely competitive and volatile.
  • Because patients and physicians need viable options as soon as possible.

METRONOMIA is fast because of our dedicated, pragmatic, target-oriented decision makers who are experts in their field.

Agility & Flexibility – why is it critical?
  • Because the situation is new and dynamic, with insights developing daily
  • Because conditions (e.g. in ICUs, hospitals, regions, standard of care, etc.) vary and “one size fits all” approaches may not be possible.
  • Because customization as trials progress is advantageous due to rapid setup, and real-time learnings and optimization.

At METRONOMIA our processes work for our projects and not against them!

Expertise in Data Science – why is it critical?
  • To fill gaps in knowledge & understanding
  • To propose highly effective & qualitative solutions, both conventional & non-conventional
  • To get the job done successfully and efficiently
  • To support approval of safe and efficacious drugs and dropping of those that are not

METRONOMIA – 30 years of experience, 85% return business, 90% referrals, 100% know-how

Cost Effectiveness & Efficiency – why is it critical?
  • Responsible budgeting and spend are key to good partnerships
  • Value for money means less money spent now and more for future endeavors
  • Well established processes save time, money and resource for all parties involved

At METRONOMIA, you pay for professional services, not for professional marketing!

Essentials for successful COVID-19 studies:

Case-Study: COVID-19 Case Study @METRONOMIA

Achievements in the COVID-19 trial setup

  • Development of a phase II/III statistical design within 3 days
  • Development of a fully functional eCRF from receipt of draft protocol to eCRF go-live within 5 days
  • Setup of randomization and provision of a fully integrated IRT technology that allowed First Patient Randomized within 2 hours of eCRF go-live.

METRONOMIA’s contributions to this COVID-19 trial

  • Statistical consulting and study protocol development
  • Clinical data management, provision of eCRF and IRT
  • Randomization
  • Statistical programming
  • Reporting

Why METRONOMIA is your partner for COVID-19 and other trials

Relevant Experience

  • Our COVID-19 trial team is familiar with associated challenges and ready to serve new partners
  • Proven track record of rapid trial setup and timely, successful execution of services
  • Over 30 relevant studies in past 5 years in vaccine, immunology, respiratory diseases and other related areas
  • Experts in critical care indication trials

Operational Excellence:

  • Exceptional quality and performance
  • Passion & commitment for “better data”
  • Unrivalled flexibility and agility
  • Customized service through dedicated project teams
  • Well-established processes, pathways and state-of-the-art technology

Let us support you in your effort to combat COVID-19 and/or other conditions in the challenging period ahead. Our specialists are available anytime for a consultation. Contact us and we will be happy to get in touch with you!

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We’ll donate all revenues from statistical consulting for COVID-19 studies.

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Metronomia successfully implemented an accelerated setup for a first clinical study in COVID-19 patients.

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