“Beyond Data Science” Partnerships for Full-Service Capability

For over 27 years, METRONOMIA has successfully partnered with numerous clinical research service providers to offer our customers seamless capability packages tailored to individual needs and for maximum clinical development efficiency and effectiveness. We have carefully selected and verified providers of high quality complimentary services to our own data science expertise, for maximum flexibility and scalability of services and transparency in terms of time, effort and cost.

Whether you have an established preferred service provider or not, METRONOMIA is ideally positioned to collaborate with any company of your choice or to offer you options or alternatives from and beyond our network. Our network of collaborators is constantly expanding in anticipation of changes from the highly dynamic clinical research landscape and to best address your objectives.

Contact us to find out more about our customized and partnered full-service offerings for:

  • All phases of clinical studies, clinical investigations and observational studies
  • First in human studies and Phase I facilities
  • PK/PD studies and pharmacological consulting
  • Data visualization
  • Trial rescue
  • eCOA/ePRO
  • Quality assurance audits & quality management systems
  • Medical monitoring & pharmacovigilance
  • Regulatory consultation

Key advantages

  • expert knowledge & experience in all clinical trial service areas
  • attractive cost-benefit-ratio due to low overheads, lean structure and service-on-demand (pay for what you need and use, not for “bells and whistles”)
  • standardization & consistency of data formats through all steps of development
  • all managed via a single point of contact
Employee Metronomia

“When we work with our partners, we are part of a collective that is synchronized to drive projects forward at maximum speed and quality, with minimum effort and cost. As we approach 100 successfully completed partnered full-service or multifaceted projects, we reflect back proudly over 27 years of solid partnership and look forward to serving new and returning customers holistically on their exciting clinical programs. Reach out to us for more information!”.