Services | Monitoring & project management

Monitoring services:

Together with specialized local partner CROs, we provide dedicated teams of continuously trained clinical research associates (CRAs), who ensure consistent and effective monitoring of study sites. Monitoring includes pre-study, initiation, interim and close-out visits. All monitoring activities are closely coordinated and co-monitored by an international project manager.

Special focus lies on quality, timelines and ensuring the necessary exchange of information between all participating parties through a validated Study Information System (SIS). We organize management and communication plans based on your requirements, taking into consideration frequency and format.

Project management includes:

  • Preparation of a comprehensive project plan with time and events schedule
  • Training requirements
  • Project-specific operating manual
  • Regular communication to assure that all team members at Metronomia understand study timelines and deliverables
  • Regular communication with the sponsor regarding study progress
  • Proactive approach to identify and resolve any issues that may impact any project milestone or deliverables