Global Reach

Expertise, reliability and customer centricity - our reach extends from Germany to the rest of the world!

METRONOMIA, though local to Germany, is represented by a team of 15+ nationalities supporting clients and studies around the globe. For us, “local” means anyone we can reach via phone, email, or web, and in any time zone via flexible extended coverage offered by our global EDC helpdesk. Local also means a concentration of talent, expertise, and skill, that as a collective generates quality and outcomes far beyond the potential of its individual elements. At METRONOMIA, we run a “tight ship” with a satisfied crew (our team) and passengers (our customers).  With our business model, we have successfully supported studies in many countries, processing and analyzing data collected from every corner of the world without exception.

In depth understanding of and collaboration with the FDA, EMA and other regulatory agencies is key. At METRONOMIA, our compliance with applicable regulations is a given and highly appreciated by our customers.

“Located in the heart of Europe, we are global contributors to clinical research. Our colleagues from 15 different countries are as diverse as our clients and projects, and through diversity and expertise, we deliver robust services and solutions.”