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You seek masters of data science and guardians for your valuable clinical DATA? Smooth and solid cooperation with talented and dedicated PEOPLE and a service-oriented team is non-negotiable when it comes to your projects? Achievement of EXCELLENCE in data quality, outcomes, and customer service via best-in-class systems and processes is your goal? When yes, these elements and more are what you can expect to find at METRONOMIA.

Who we are:

METRONOMIA is an expert CRO for biostatistical consulting, biostatistical services and clinical data management in Munich (Germany). We offer high-quality clinical research services to pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech industry. Over 130 highly skilled experts work diligently on customer projects of every clinical stage in all major therapeutic areas. To date, METRONOMIA has played a significant role in over 650 clinical projects. METRONOMIA was founded in 1990 by Dieter Meyer and Rudolf-Köhne-Volland. METRONOMIA is financially independent, characterized by constant sustainable growth, development and optimization.

Why we are the right partner for you:

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Repeat business is the name of our game. Our winning team delivers winning strategies for the best possible outcome of your clinical projects. METRONOMIA’s customers stay or return after less than satisfactory performance elsewhere. They bring with them new customers, via referrals and word-of-mouth. We understand that the clinical research world is small and nurture relationships based on this fact. As our reward, our business contacts who move on to new career opportunities commonly come back to METRONOMIA to form new collaborations.

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Rudolf Köhne-Volland

"Don’t buy the pig in a poke - know what you’re buying and ensure value for money!"

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